paid care work

Season 2, Episode 2: Making a difference: From care work to home care activism

This episode explores how Shazia Anwar helps Darlen Wagenius and her husband, Joe, address challenges in accessing quality long term care services.

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Season 2, Episode 1: From fear to love: An evangelical Christian and a Muslim home care worker

This episode illuminates the relationship between Shazia Anwar, a professional home care worker in WA, and the woman she cares for, Darlen Wagenius.

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EP2 – Ai-Jen Poo and Sarita Gupta: Reimagining Caregiving Policies

Ai-jen Poo and Sarita Gupta, call for a comprehensive caregiving policy in the U.S. Ai-jen is the Director of the National Domestic Workers Alliance, and she and Sarita co-direct Caring Across Generations.

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