Season 2 of The Shape of Care has launched!

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Welcome to The Shape of Care, a dynamic podcast that explores the world of caregiving!

The Shape of Care illuminates the costs, financial and otherwise, of hiring (caregivers), the toll on the caregivers, and the need for a rethinking of a widening hole in the infrastructure of American health care. – Phoebe Lett, The New York Times

Season 2 begins with intimate stories of care workers and the people they care for. But their issues are larger than just one story. We connect these personal and compelling stories to the broader policy landscape – through interviews with nursing home leaders, policymakers, union activists, and more. And we ask:  What kinds of long term care policies do we need so that anyone can receive quality, affordable care?

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Season 2, Episode 2: Making a difference: From care work to home care activism

This episode explores how Shazia Anwar helps Darlen Wagenius and her husband, Joe, address challenges in accessing quality long term care services.

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Season 2, Episode 1: From fear to love: An evangelical Christian and a Muslim home care worker

This episode illuminates the relationship between Shazia Anwar, a professional home care worker in WA, and the woman she cares for, Darlen Wagenius.

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Trailer for Season 2 of The Shape of Care

Trailer for Season 2 of The Shape of Care podcast.

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Government and Employers: Key partners in supporting caregivers

Episode Notes In this episode, we talk with Robin Lipson, the Deputy Secretary of the Massachusetts Executive Office of Elder Affairs. Robin discusses some of the programs and policies for caregivers that her office manages. She notes the challenges that caregivers face, especially during this pandemic, as well as their creative and positive strategies to...

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