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EP7 — Q&A with Karen Wasserman, Elder Care Expert

This is our final episode for Season 1! In this episode, elder care expert, Karen Wasserman, responds to listeners’ questions and concerns.

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EP4 — Alzheimer’s Disease: Holding onto joy

Laura Barr talks with humor and openness about caring for her wife, Jean, who has Alzheimer’s Disease, from when Jean was diagnosed to when she moved into a dementia facility. We also meet Dr. Adam Burrows, who runs an innovative program designed to support frail elders so they can remain in their own homes.

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EP3 — Linking Quality Care Jobs and Quality of Care

Rick Surpin, founder of Cooperative Home Care Associates, talks about some disturbing early experiences that drive his passion for supporting person-centered care. And he describes why it’s so important that care workers are paid well and respected on the job, if they are to provide quality care to frail elders.

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